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It’s amazing how roads can invoke a feeling of a certain time or place, of a certain destination or emotion. Different roads will always remind of different eras in my life, times when I drive that stretch daily or weekly, or only when going on a particular kind of trip. Driving from work to a friends’s house one day recently, I took a route that that ended up driving me through the story of my life, via the freeway. A quick jog up freeway A was a normal after-work experience, very much a part of my current life. As soon as I merged onto highway B, I was on the freeway of my childhood, a well lit sunken road that reminded me of late night drives home while I laid in the backseat of my mom’s minivan, watching the streetlights flash by. A long entrance ramp later and suddenly I’m on highway C, and in college, going to visit my boyfriend (now husband). This wide but busy road makes me reminds me that I once knew exactly how long it would take to get from certain landmarks to his town, as I made the trip so many times and was always so eager to do it. Once past that town and heading to my final destination, my only thoughts are visiting the friends I’m off to see and all the good times we’ve had in their town the past few years. By the time I arrive, I feel like my life has flashed before my eyes through the windshield.

Other roads invoke similar memories. Driving around the back country roads near my parent’s house will always remind me of high school, and I find it difficult to stop myself from flying down dirt roads at 60 because that’s how I drove then. The lighted tunnels on another highway, close to my current apartment but seeming a world away when I was younger, make me think for a moment I’m on my way to the zoo – the only reason we drive that way when I was a kid. Sometimes I still hold my breath going through the tunnels, part of a game my sister and I used to play. Driving on the long interstate across the state will bring to mind my grad school years in a Big City, and crossing the state boarder heading south will do the same for my time in college.

I love how roads can connect me to the past.  Will any roads make me think of this time in my life, bringing back a time when Hubster and I were struggling newlyweds, trying to figure out our futures?


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So, it’s been about 6 months since I blogged. Oops. I’ve been thinking about trying out again….so we’ll see how this goes. I’m going to try to write less “here’s what I’ve been doing recently” things, because that clearly wasn’t working, and more “here’s what I’ve been thinking about recently.” Maybe this time it will actually stick!

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